Sony FS5 Camera User

The FS5 features:

✅  2 channel XLR audio inputs
  Under-crank at 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 fps (S&Q Motion)

 ✅  Records slo-mo at 100, 200400 fps
 ✅  Wired/LAN feed, or Wi-Fi (1280 x 780)
 ✅  SDI cable feed via 3G HD (1080/60P)
 ✅  HDMI output at (2160/30P)

 ✅  PLUS FS Raw 4:2:2 (Records 4096x2160 at 25/50fps & XAVC HD) ideal for feed into an Atomos 4K recorder
 ✅  PLUS HFR 120 fps

In my backpack

As a Sony FS5 Camera Operator, I take these extras around London.

  SanDisk 64GB Pro SD cards 4x
  BP-U60 batteries
  Yonguo YN300 Air top-light

  Sony MDR-7506 headphones
  Canon 24-105mm zoom lens
  Metabones Speedbooster
  Commlite CM-EF-NEX
  Sennheiser K6/ME64 microphone and a MOVO windshield
  Libec TH-650 tripod

Light adjustable in coarse and fine-tuning, more accurate and reliable.

  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
  • Output Power: 18W
  • Lumen: 2000LM
  • Luminance Angle: 110°
  • CRI: ≥95

Canon 24-105mm zoom lens great for videography

Canon 24-105mm zoom lens

Metabones Speedbooster ideal for Sony FS5 videography

Metabones Speedbooster
Commlite CM-EF-NEX

Wireless Sennheiser AVX-ME2 lavaliere 10 pairs; 2 or 3 sets ideal for seated interviews: AVX-ME2 SET-3-UK (5055855)

Sennheiser G2 G3 radio wireless lavaliere microphones ideal for videography

Sennheiser G2 and G3 models use UHF (823-865Mhz/Ch70 licence-free):

  • 1 x G3 EW100
  • 2 x G2 EW100
  • 1 x SKP G2 Tx / EW100 G3 Rx, ideal for a wireless boom.
  • 1 x G2 EW100 Tx / EW500 Rx, with a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone socket built-in. Enable a boom operator to monitor audio levels from a third-party device.

Sennheiser ME66 microphone with a wireless SKP G2 module for videography

ME64, MOVO windshield, and SKP 100 Tx / G2 EW100 Rx with a RODE boom pole.

  • 416 Shotgun Mic in a Blimp, a Dead Cat with a C/F Boom Pole.
  • ME66 Super-Cardioid Shotgun, RODE Blimp, and a Dead Cat. 

RODE Blimp with boom pole for videography