London-based Video Director Editor Ian Mansfield is a Freelance Filmmaker.



As a director, I went on a two-day training workshop on directing actors taught by the freelance film and TV Director Pete Travis, who directed the feature films (Dredd 2012 and Vantage Point 2008) and (Omagh 2004 and The Go-Between 2015) for TV. Last March, the course was held at the University of Greenwich and organized by FEST FILM LAB to see their website. I did this course to understand better how to cast, do a read-through, block for the camera, and do the necessary homework a director has to do to create trust with the actors. For attendance, participants received a certificate.


Among my many qualifications, I completed a Film & Video Production BA Degree Course at the University of the Arts in London. At graduation, it awarded me a B.A with 2.1 honours certificate. Before that, I completed the first year of a BA Media Studies Degree at the University of the Creative Arts and received a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE).

More qualifications

City and Guild of London Institute course in TV and Video Production (279); pass with distinction. 


London-based Video Director and Editor who lives in northwest London. I possess a valid Basic Disclosure (DBS) certificate and a full licence to drive a car or ride a motorbike.


Short Film

Vic, a cocky car salesman, joins Bianca, a customer, for a test drive in a prestigious car. As Bianca drives the car, she loves how it feels, but can Vic stay the distance to get a sale? 

As its producer, director and editor, this was a profound challenge, but I did it with the support of a great team. 


Short Film

As a producer, I was solely responsible for all production phases, from planning the shoot to post on this challenging and artistically sensitive exposition of the modern dance movement.