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With a Sony FS5

What I do in essence is either; film hand-held ‘steady-shot mode’, or film tripod mounted; whichever is appropriate. (*Should only take 30 mins to travel to).

  • 2 hours > £70*
  • 3 hours > £90
  • 4.5 hours > £150
  • 6 hours > £180
  • 8 hours > £250
  • 10-hour > £300 p/day

I can film in these scenarios:

  • A simple talking-head for YouTube.
  • Those responsible for an online crowd-funding.
  • To cast actors for a film/TV pilot.
  • Record the rehearsals for a play.
  • The launch of a product, or the inaugural opening of a venture.
  • Behind-the-scene interviews of actors & crew as an EPK to promote a film/TV show.
  • Film speakers at a corporate business event and audience reactions.
  • Streaming a live event via Wired LAN, or Wi-Fi.
  • Live event cable feed with 3G HD-SDI or HDMI.
  • Time-lapse video of a specific event.
  • Under cranked slow-motion footage.
  • Documentary footage for a drama reconstruction

You can edit all the footage or we can agree beforehand that I will do the edit.

Home is where I edit

My Avid off-line edit rates for a full day, range from £250 for personal projects, up to £400 for commercial projects. A half day is negotiable on a bespoke basis. Home is a flat in northwest London, where I use a Windows HP quad core machine to edit on. With MacDrive Pro program I can ingest footage from HFS+ partitions external hard drives.

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